Privacy Policy

The site is an interactive service, offered by means of an electronic page in the internet that offers to the users a variety of services from the integration of diverse sources of information. The Terms of this statement shall be applied when using the content and services of said website of SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT. SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend that you review our privacy policy on a regular basis.

Use of information and confidentiality

The SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT can, from the access of the USER, collect and store all the information about you, including the personal, such as: name, profession, landline / cell phone, date of birth, mail and any others that can improve navigation;

All of your personal information collected will be used to help make your visit to the SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT website more productive and enjoyable;

SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT guarantees the security of the information collected through security protocols, except those in the public domain, when authorized by the USER or under the circumstances provided in this policy. In some cases, this identification will be necessary, when the USER acquires a particular product or service or wins a prize whose delivery, in order to be made, needs your personal information. Identification can also be requested so that a particular business transaction can be effected. The disclosure of the USER data may still occur due to legal requirements or by court order. We may also disclose your personal information to any of the companies that make up GRUPO PONTES HOTELS & RESORTS.

SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT does not grant any guarantee related to the availability, continuity of operation or infallibility of its electronic address, nor that they will be useful for the performance of any particular activity;

SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT does not further guarantee the security and privacy of the content outside of your e-mail address, unless under the terms of this Privacy Policy, nor will it be uninterrupted, free of viruses or other problems, errors and attacks, and particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties can not access and eventually intercept, delete, modify, modify or manipulate in any way the data present and / or transmitted to its servers;

The SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT guarantees that the information stored will not, under any pretext, be marketed.

The guarantee of confidentiality of the personal information of the users of our site is important for SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT. All personal information regarding members, subscribers, customers or visitors using SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT will be treated in accordance with Law No. 12.965, of April 23, 2014, which establishes principles, guarantees, rights and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil;

We will not send messages to your electronic mail, without previous request and / or authorization of the USER;

In order to improve the availability of the Content, SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT may, for security reasons, restrict, limit and suspend or block, total or partial, availability and access to content;

SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT may discontinue the availability or distribution of any content or even the electronic address at any time and without prior notice;

By using the content provided by SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT in any way, the USER expresses its full and unreserved acceptance of the General Terms of Use proposed here. If you do not agree to any of the terms and rules set forth herein, you should not use its content.

The ads

Like other websites, we collect and use information contained in the advertisements.

The information contained in the advertisements includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as Sapo, Clix, or other), the browser you used when visiting our website (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox ), the time of your visit and what pages you visited within our website.

All information contained in the ads is the sole responsibility of the advertisers.

Links to Third Party Sites

The SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT website has links to other sites in order to provide a better user experience;

Our privacy policy is not applied to third party websites, and the user is responsible for knowing and accepting the third party’s privacy policy.

SUMMERVILLE BEACH RESORT is not responsible for content or any other information generated by third parties.