Here at Summerville we cherish comfort and fun for all our guests, without losing our concern for the environment, after all it is delicious to enjoy the natural wonders, so we do our part as a sustainable resort.

Who does not like having a nice hot bath? Even better when the water is heated with the energy and good vibrations of our beloved sun. We use solar energy throughout the resort,using solar panels that generate clean energy and hot water, leaving your bath more pleasant and the environment happy.

And you want to know something cool? All the electric energy that feeds the resort comes from a clean and renewable source using Wind Energy, that is, the wind that refreshes us while we relax, enjoying the view of the beach is the same that keeps everything here working.

At the resort, we use the process of recycling and selective garbage collection, because it is very important to separate what still can be reused. Therefore, we support the recycling process and dispose of waste properly, cooperating for the future.

We encourage the reuse of towels by guests, because of this, we have reduced the use of products for washing and use more biodegradable products. Therefore, our guests and the environment are happy!

We also reduce disposable packaging like mineral water bottles and large jugs and cans of soda. We use automatic equipment in our restaurants, thus avoiding incorrect discards and pollution of the environment. In addition, to help us, you can dispense with the use of plastic straws.