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At Summerville, the environment is one of our top priorities, along with the comfort and fun of our guests. After all, it’s delicious to enjoy the natural wonders of Porto de Galinhas, which is why we do our part as a sustainable resort.

Who doesn’t like to take a nice warm bath? Even better when the water is heated with the energy and good vibrations of our beloved sun. At Summerville, we use Solar Energy through solar panels that convert clean energy into hot water, making your shower more enjoyable and the environment happy.

In addition, all electricity that powers the resort comes from a clean and renewable source: Wind Energy. Well, the same wind that cools us while we relax enjoying the view of the beach is what keeps everything working here.

At the resort, we use the recycling process and selective garbage collection, because we consider it important to separate what can be reused. That is why we support the recycling process and dispose of waste correctly, cooperating with the future.

Summerville has a wastewater treatment plant that, with high performance biological technology, promotes the cleaning of effluents and leaves them with quality to be reused. There is the reuse of these waters in the cleaning of floors, parking lots, irrigation of plants and also return to the ground, to recharge aquifers, that is, the water deposits below ground.

Want to know how you can help Summerville be even greener? During the stay, we encourage the reuse of towels, in order to reduce the use of products for washing and use of biodegradable products. So everyone wins: our guests and nature!

  • Solar Heating

    The heating of all the water of the resort is carried out in a natural, clean and safe way through solar energy.

  • Wind Energy

    By participating in the free contracting environment, the resort maintains a profile that uses energy from clean and renewable sources, such as wind energy.

  • Recycling

    We support the recycling process and dispose of our waste correctly.


    Summerville is aligned with 3Rs practices (reduce, reuse and recycle). It is very important to separate what is still useful to be reused.

  • Reuse Program

    The reuse of towels by the guest reduces the use of washing products and excessive water consumption. At this point, everyone's awareness is very important.

  • Lamps

    The resort chose to implement LED technology for its lights.

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Some Testimonials

I had the pleasure of staying with my children in the hotel, very polite and attentive staff, phenomenal pool, very good food, wonderful recreation. Simply one of the best resort I have ever stayed at.


Very good service. Excellent food. Lots of variety and offer. Good Water Park. Quiet beach. Very beautiful landscaping. We went as a couple and hope to return with kids and family. Congratulations to all of you.


Excellent staff service, clean rooms and leisure area. Great diversification of meals with various options and a busy buffet with all the offered options. Activities for children during the day and at night.


We were in Summerville and we loved our stay. All services met our expectations, the pools, the friendliness of the clerk, the accommodations and the food which, by the way, was always delicious. I emphasize the hospitality and promptness of the...

Diego Armando d

The structure of the place is great. Pools, restaurant, bars and gardens deserve special mention. The quality and diversity of coffee, lunch and dinner should also be emphasized. The children's restaurant is excellent as are the club activities for...

Vanderlei L

The structure of the place is great. Pools, restaurant, bars and gardening deserve special mention. The quality and diversity of coffee, lunch and dinner are outstanding. The children's restaurant is excellent as are the club activities for the...

Vanderlei L

All of the times we came were perfect. The service is even cozier. More comfortable. Very good beach area support with chairs and umbrellas. The food is very good. Very cool night events. We are regulars and we will already book a room to come back.

João Vitor F

Very good resort, location (facing the sea), huge pool, complete structure including for children. Gastronomy, cleaning, services, etc. all of the highest quality. Emphasis on the friendliness and dedication of employees in general, dedicated to...