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The strong winds in the Pontal de Maracaípe region favor the practice of kitesurfing, a sport that is pure emotion on the water.

Kitesurfing, kiteboarding or even flysurfing is a water sport that, as the name suggests, uses a kite or kite and a board with foot support. The objective is to make the practitioner “fly” and glide over the water, with the kite being pulled by the winds. It is a sport that is becoming popular in Brazil and around the world, especially in the warm waters of Porto de Galinhas!

To use the “flying boards” specialized training is required, offered by several sports schools in the region.

At the spa, it is also possible to practice windsurfing, kayaking or taking a speedboat and jetski.

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Palmeira Bolas Flutuantes
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Some Testimonials

The hotel is beautiful, the apartments are huge, and has several pools. The food is very good; it sits on my favorite beach, which is Muro Alto! Ideal for families. I will definitely be back to stay longer.


I really enjoyed the animation and the shows. The animators I liked the most were Uncle Lollipop, Aunt Pompom and Uncle Long Leg, I liked the acrobats a lot too (but I don't remember their names). That was my assessment.

Kenzo J

Very good service. Excellent food. Lots of variety and offer. Good water park. Quiet beach. Very beautiful landscaping. We went as a couple and hope to return with kids and family. Congratulations to all of you.


The structure of the Hotel, food and children's recreation are excellent. The service of the staff is a feature of the Hotel. Staff are very cordial and were nice to us. My 4 year old daughter, like every child at this age has difficulty eating...


Before choosing Summerville I did several accommodation searches in Porto de Galinhas, but certainly the choice for Summerville was excellent, the resort has everything, great pools, magnificent service from the staff, excellent cuisine,...


I give a 10 to all the attendants, lifeguards (Amanda), waiters, maître, messengers (Cleiton and Welington), beach support (Carlos) super caring and Marco (manager) who always makes himself available for whatever the situation is! They are ALL...

Ana Luiza A

Perfect stay: attendance note 1000. Helpful staff who wear the company shirt. The following employees stand out: Meiri, in the pool area. Lucia in the restaurant area. Marco, PR 1000, reflects the great atmosphere of Summerville.

Fernanda Q

The resort is very nice! We stayed one week in "standard" room and the size surprised us: very large! We stayed in the middle area between the reception and the bungalows - more expensive. Comfortable for a couple, a child and a baby on lap. It had...

Marina B
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