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Natural Pools

Natural Pools


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The natural pools of Porto de Galinhas are one of the most beautiful in the entire state! Formed very close to the coast, just five minutes from the beach, the pools are a beautiful setting, full of marine life. You will be delighted in these warm, clean and calm waters, with such close contact with the fish that you will even feel them touching your body! The pools are ideal for visiting at low tide. Thus, you can enjoy every moment and get to know the various natural reef formations, whose image is identical to the map of Brazil. Mother nature is amazing!

Access to the swimming pools is made by rafts, which leave from Associação dos Jangadeiros. You know those photos with open sail rafts floating in a blue-green and transparent sea? That’s where they’re made!

Want to know more about the natural pools of Porto de Galinhas: Check out these Professional Tourist tips.

Palmeira Bolas Flutuantes
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This is the second time we stayed at Summerville. The first time we were at the resort (in 2015), my daughter was 3 and came back crying home because she did not want to leave. Ha Ha. This year, in November 2018, we came back to stay at Summerville....


We were in Summerville and we loved our stay. All services met our expectations, the pools, the friendliness of the clerk, the accommodations and the food which, by the way, was always delicious. I emphasize the hospitality and promptness of the...

Diego Armando d

Perfect stay: attendance note 1000. Helpful staff who wear the company shirt. The following employees stand out: Meiri, in the pool area. Lucia in the restaurant area. Marco, PR 1000, reflects the great atmosphere of Summerville.

Fernanda Q

Paradise exists and it's at Porto de Galinhas. Summerville is an example of this. Rich, exotic, romantic and very cheerful atmosphere. Your aquatic ensemble is fantastic. Your enviable and plentiful cuisine. Be sure to visit.

Genesio V

A complete infrastructure to spend holidays with options for married couples, boyfriend/girlfriend as well as the whole family. Excellent rooms and a caring, professional and helpful staff. I can safely say that it´s a calm and recreational place,...


Very good resort, location (facing the sea), huge pool, complete structure including for children. Gastronomy, cleaning, services, etc. all of the highest quality. Emphasis on the friendliness and dedication of employees in general, dedicated to...


We were in Summerville for the holiday of the day 15/11. We were super well catered for, attentive staff, especially Flávio and Denise from the pool bar, the gaucho Marco, always very helpful and the chef Anderson who prepared a moqueca and a...


Very good service. Excellent food. Lots of variety and offer. Good Water Park. Quiet beach. Very beautiful landscaping. We went as a couple and hope to return with kids and family. Congratulations to all of you.

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