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Summy's Gang

Summy's Gang


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To make everything even more fun for the kids, we have our Summy’s Gang mascots!

The gang is made up of four friends: Summy, the coconut tree; Sansol, the sun; Sindhi, the crab; and Coquin, the coconut. Together they bring a lot of fun and joy to guests of all ages!

Summy is the gang’s leader, extremely playful and charismatic. He loves to play, is always looking for fun and is quite a eater. He will always be present in the games and activities with the children!

Sansol is super responsible and loves to play sports. He’s always getting his friends Summy, Sindi and Coquin out of trouble!

Sindi, the girl in the gang, is sweet, affectionate and quite vain. She loves the beach, loves dancing and is very keen on preserving the environment. She is the one who helps us to preserve the paradise that is Porto de Galinhas!

Coquin, Summy’s best friend, is the youngest of the gang. He is very playful and always ends up getting involved in confusion.

Come have real fun with the Summy’s Gang in the Summerville style of being!

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