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COVID-19 Operational Guidelines

COVID-19 Operational Guidelines


With the emergence of the new Coronavirus, Pontes Hotels & Resorts has installed a crisis committee to combat COVID-19 to, based on research, legislation, decrees, regulations, and recommendations adopted worldwide by lodging facilities, implement and ensure the continuous improvement of guidelines and procedures for sanitation, cleaning, and biosecurity to prevent and protect our customers and employees during the pandemic.

We count on the support and participation in the elaboration of these guidelines from the consulting team, Sylvia Maria Lemos Hinrichsen Ltda, specializing in infectious diseases, infection control – biosafety and risk management.

In addition, Pontes Hotéis & Resorts was invited by the Associação Brasileira de Governantas e Profissionais de Hotelaria to contribute to the elaboration of its Housekeeping Manual – A new cleaning, sanitizing protocol for Hotel HU’s.


During the pandemic, Summerville is operating with reduced occupancy, prioritizing social distancing;

The use of a mask in our common and service areas is mandatory for guests, employees and service providers, ensuring greater safety for everyone;

The common areas for guest interaction are reorganized in order to avoid crowding, maintaining the recommended distancing;

We installed 70% alcohol dispensers in various parts of the hotel, social and service areas;

At this stage, we are prioritizing apartments located in small blocks in the garden and bungalows. Summerville’s architecture contributes by not having corridors and elevators, allowing the guest to leave their apartment to the garden and have individual access to the resort’s leisure areas.


Check-in can be done in advance and online, with no line, guest form filled out and key ready on arrival at the hotel;

For greater protection, we installed acrylics as a physical barrier in our receptions and demarcated the floor to ensure the distance of customers in attendance in accordance with biosafety recommendations;

Parking at Summerville is done in the form of self parking;

We measure the temperature of our guests at check-in to adopt specific procedures and services for customers who have a body temperature above 37.5 °C;

During their stay, our guests have at their disposal a medical orientation service by telephone, provided by Residence Health, which can be requested through the hotel’s call center. In addition to telemedicine, the client has an on-site medical service at specific times and an outpatient service 24 hours a day, with all the necessary biosafety protocols;

Practicality in the palm of our guests’ hands is available through our app, for requesting services in general, tips on sights, flights, the hotel’s dining and entertainment program.


We adjusted and intensified the frequency of our operating procedures to meet strict hygiene, cleaning and biosafety protocols for apartments, social and leisure areas, among others;

Room cleaning services during the stay, are carried out without the presence of the guest in the apartment, and can be booked directly with the Hospitality Service, our 24-hour call center. This measure aims to ensure greater safety for the guest and employee.

The daily Services activities in the apartments are:

• Storage with special hygiene care for the most touched places and items;

• Adoption of natural ventilation during storage;

• Appropriate chemical products used in accordance with the recommendations / legislation of ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária);

• Oxi-sanitization used to reinforce the cleaning of apartments;

• Segregation of the apartment housekeeping service was implemented to provide greater security. We have a brigade for collecting dirty trousseau and cleaning the apartment, and another for tidying up and replacing items;

• Specific procedures were applied for cleaning and tidying apartments when clients with symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19 were identified;

• Digital information contents are available to reduce brochures in the apartment and can be accessed through QR Code, internal TV channel or hotel application;

• Our trousseau is sanitized in its own launderette, with specific products for industrial laundry and professional equipment that reach up to 180 degrees in temperature.


Although we took advantage of this moment of pause to expand our main restaurant, with a new terrace and outdoor tables, the capacity of our restaurants was resized, ensuring the proper distance between tables and chairs. Our buffet system was suitable for self-service where access to the buffet is only allowed with the use of gloves and masks. A la carte options are also available at the hotel’s themed restaurants.


Together with our partner company R1, which has been operating for 15 years nationally in the technology market for corporate events, we have created alternatives for holding events, with packages for hybrid events, online live events and webinars that have been widely used in recent months of the COVID-19 pandemic;

To cater for event meals, in addition to a buffet system, served by our staff, we also have several lunch box options;

Our event hall capacity chart was adjusted during the pandemic to ensure the recommended distancing between tables and chairs;

Chairs are marked so that the participant can use them from the beginning to the end of the event;

Cleaning services for doors, doorknobs, furniture, and WCs were intensified and systematized according to the recommendations and operational biosecurity protocols, and in accordance with the norms and legislation in effect.

For the event areas, Summerville maintains a central chilled water system where the cooled air is distributed by individualized ducts per room.


Our schedule has been planned so that adults and children can have enjoy themselves safely. The monitors are able to monitor and guide the activities, guaranteeing you and your family a great experience:

Daily programming is available in digital media, in the hotel’s APP and on TVs positioned in the resort’s circulation areas;

The games are structured by age group with a reduced number of participants;

Outdoor activities are prioritized and encouraged by our staff;

Shows and plays normally take place respecting distancing between the participants;

The gym is available in compliance with the protocols of the Regional Council of Physical Education of the State, with limited use by customers per hour;

SPA services are available at reduced hours and in compliance with industry-specific and local VISA safety protocols;

As a result of the determinations of the health agencies and the state of Pernambuco, the beach service point, the children’s club, baby club and saunas remain closed.


Our preventive and corrective maintenance services are performed adopting the best practices recommended by ANVISA and Brazilian technical standards, respecting the distancing recommendations for our customers and employees;

Our planning, maintenance, operation and control (PMOC) actions for air conditioning systems are maintained and were intensified in compliance with all the recommendations defined in the legislation in force by the competent bodies;

The resort performs semi-annual indoor air quality (IAQ) analyses according to the recommendations of Resolution No. 09 issued in 2003 by the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA). And to ensure a good renewal of the air, the hotel sanitizes and cleans the rooms with these airy ones;

For the treatment of the pools, the potability conditions are maintained through the application of on-site chlorine generators, which work by the principle of electrolysis of the brine and pH control.


Mandatory use of masks provided by the company;

Use of additional PPEs in case of activities involving greater contact with customers (example: glasses, apron, others), as instructed by the Safety Engineer;

Temperature monitoring at the entrance and exit of employees;

Protocol for removal and monitoring of employees with suspected contamination by COVID-19;

Our employees are trained and equipped in accordance with the new operational protocols, with reinforcement and updates through Daily Safety Dialogues and trainings;

Food services in the hotels’ cafeterias are adequate, with every care to ensure additional safety to our employees during the entire pandemic period being carried out.

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